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Tips & Advice For Tenants

If you’re looking to rent a property in Brighton & Hove or further afield in East or West Sussex, Brighton Homes can help you. We treat all our applicants and tenants with the greatest respect, and we’ll help you find your ideal studio, flat or family home.

We have a range of outstanding properties on your books that we’d be happy to show you. Our experienced lettings team has put together some advice for tenants, which we hope you’ll find useful.


Ask yourself the following questions:

How much rent can I afford, not only now but into the future? At Brighton Homes, we’re likely to check that your income is about two and a half times the rent. This ensures that you’ll be able to stay in your new home in the long-term.

Are you planning to remain in your job? Become self-employed? Going it alone has ramifications on your income, of course.

Do I need a furnished property? Unfurnished? Part-furnished? These are big distinctions, so make sure that you pick the right option.

Is it easy to get to work from my new home? What about parking? Where’s the nearest supermarket? All practical things that will make a difference.


As a new tenant, we’d advise you to budget carefully for up-front fees, including removal costs.

You will need to pay Brighton Homes one week’s rent as a holding deposit when you find a property to rent.

You will also be required to settle a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent, plus one month’s rent in advance.


You will be solely responsible for council tax, water rates, gas, electricity and telephone costs, including broadband.

Do keep the property in good condition. It’s your home, but it also belongs to and is owned by someone else so it’s in your best interests to keep it neat and tidy. Remember, if you move, you’ll want a good reference.

Don’t forget to take out contents’ insurance. The property itself is covered by buildings’ insurance that your landlord will pay for, but the former is very much your responsibility. Should there be a fire and you lose your personal possessions, you won’t quality for any insurance pay outs unless you have contents’ insurance.

Always refer to Brighton Homes if you have any maintenance issues with the property. We’ll sort these out directly for you.


So, there you are. Just a few tips on how to be the perfect tenant. Ready to move? Ready to contact Brighton Homes?

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