Residential Guide to Brighton and Hove

Brighton Homes is an independent lettings agency in Brighton, helping busy landlords like you to rent out their properties in the local area. We’ll take care of everything – from tenant find services, property management and maintenance, tenancy renewals – everything that can save you time, resources and hassle. We cover East and West Sussex, too. However, would-be landlords or those thinking of developing their property portfolio into London-by-the Sea, often ask us about Brighton.

Is Brighton and Hove, as it’s officially known, a good property investment opportunity?

Yes, we think it is.

Here’s our practical guide to Brighton and Hove

Brighton is a popular place, there’s no denying it.

One glance at the packed A23 in and out of the City as the day draws to a close on a sunny day tells you everything you need to know about it being so many people’s destination of choice. High days and holidays are made for Brighton.

And, people want to live and work here, too.

Despite months of delays amid staff shortages and strike action by the RMT union in 2018, there’s a demand for properties to rent and buy throughout Brighton (BN1, BN2) and Hove (BN3) that doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

From the independent shops and restaurants of North Laine, in the Lanes (yes the spelling is confusing), to the cultural highlights of the Brighton Festival, Brighton Pride and of course, the towering steel tower that is the British Airways i360, there’s lots to see and do.

Importantly, though, unlike many seaside towns, Brighton is also a great place to live outside of its high season.

With a healthy bus network, you hardly need a car. And, the trains are running on time again. Almost. The manageable commute from Brighton to London makes our City a magnet for property investors.


Buy to let properties are a viable long-term investment strategy. This notwithstanding, you may not receive high yields in the early years, not least if you have an 80% to 85% mortgage deal. Consider a higher deposit if you can.

Try Before You Buy

Here at Brighton Homes, we meet many different types of people with reasons to rent as varied as the individuals and families themselves. Some would-be renters want to sample Brighton before deciding to make a move here, for example. A wise choice, we think.

Many prefer to live near the seafront to start, and who can blame them? It’s immaculate! Then, to move further “backwards” to a house with a garden.

What sort of properties?

It’s hard to define a typical Brighton property, although the fine Regency properties that have undergone conversions yet with their natural characterful style retained, are a good bet: attractive, solid and with high ceilings, they exude style.

Here at Brighton Homes, we deal often with studio flats, as well as one and two-bedroom flats. They rent out easily, with the latter options often sought after by professional couples or friends on a shared basis.

The Student Market? Property Development?

There’s never a shortage of young people at the various colleges and at the University of Brighton who need somewhere to live. Other property options include buying an older, run-down property to renovate, convert or develop either to sell on at a profit or to rent out. In both cases, we’ll be happy to help so contact us for more information.

And our advice?

In our opinion, the rental market in the South is buoyant. Brighton, in particular, is a super-fabulous place to live, therefore well-maintained properties can command higher rents than elsewhere. Why not contact us if you’d like to learn more about renting a property in BN1, BN2 or BN3 – or even further afield.

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