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Then you’ll know that the rental market in Brighton is thriving. But do you struggle to find really good tenants? If they occupy your property, we’re sure you’d prefer them to stay there and look after it well, rather than leave within just a few months.

Here at Brighton Homes, we’re happy to source tenants for you. Not just reliable tenants – excellent ones. Tenants who’ll stay. Maybe even for several years to come.

Brighton Homes will do everything: from the initial contact from the applicant through to the end-of-tenancy work and back again to start the process from scratch to rent out your property.

No tenant will occupy your property until and unless they have met their full initial financial obligations to you, nor without our complete confidence that they’ll continue to do so.


Brighton Homes offers a complete lettings and property management service for landlords in Brighton and Hove and throughout Sussex. Do you own a property that you’d like to rent out to reliable, courteous tenants? We have a broad knowledge of the property sector, and we’d be happy to help. We’ll take care of everything that needs doing – all the paperwork, financial arrangements, property management - everything, in other words.

Our aim? Happy landlord, happy tenant.

Whether you have several properties or just a small flat to rent out, we’ll help you find committed, professional individuals or families seeking a long-term home, rather than just “any old place to rent”.

Taking care of everything yourself can be a bit of a pain, especially if you don’t live in Brighton. Brighton Homes’ attention to detail can save you a great deal of time, and most likely quite a lot of money in the long run. We are the agency that you can trust completely.


  • Valuations Advice. We’ll advise on the most appropriate rental valuation.
  • Property Advice. Talk to us about your legal obligations and how best to prepare the property for viewings if you’re not sure.
  • Property Marketing. With great photos and copy. we’ll advertise your property on Rightmove, Prime Location and Property Finder
  • Fully accompanied viewings. A member of our team will meet the applicant at the property to show them around.
  • Thorough Referencing and Credit Checks. We miss nothing. These are going to be people who will pay their rent on time, every time. Or, we won’t rent out your property to them.
  • Tenancy Agreement. We’ll take care of everything.
  • Deposit Collection. All done strictly under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
  • Set up the Rental Standing Order. Yes, we’ll organise this, too.
  • Staying Safe. Should you need it, we can also arrange for a Gas Safety Certificate, and an EPC.
  • Property Inspections. To keep the property in good order and to ensure that your tenant is happy.
  • Repairs and maintenance. With your instruction, we work with trusted third parties to trouble shoot any property issues.
  • Tenancy Renewals. We’ll negotiate after a fixed period and take care of the paperwork.
  • End of Tenancy. We’ll arrange a full assessment of the property and enable the tenant’s deposit to be returned to them.

And then…

Brighton Homes could start the whole tenant find process again for you. We’re here for you. Our goal? To make your life easier and to help you maximise your property investment.

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