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A question that I'm often asked by landlords, why do I need an inventory. I have tried my best to explain it and kept it brief

An inventory is a written representation of a property, its fixtures and fittings and any furniture or appliances. It also reflects their condition and defects.

A correct compiled inventory and schedule of condition is essential for all rental properties to enable a fair assessment of condition once the property has been vacated by the tenants.
Without one you have no recourse with your tenants for costs for damage incurred during the tenancy period and may have to repair at your own costs.

The inventory report can ultimately avoid lengthy and costly disputes arising between tenants and landlords, saving stress and money and reducing void periods whilst disputes are resolved.

Think of it as an insurance policy protecting your investment.
The inventory we use provides the landlord and tenant with a highly detailed report listing everything from floor to ceiling, fixtures, fittings and furniture, sockets, windows and much more. We take multiple pictures of all areas and can even offer a video of your property as a supplement to the written inventory document.

I will follw this up with a few more articles about accompanied check in with tenants, check out report, mid term inspections. By the time you have read all these articles you should be fully aware the importance of having this. At Brighton Homes we pay alot of attaention and put in serious efforts into protecting our landlords investment.