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What Does A Letting Agent Do?

Before you reply to this question with a sarcastic answer, we are going to ask you to wait.Like all businesses the service we provide can differ from agent to agent, but the principals are the same:

• To find you a suitable tenant
• To undertake all the necessary checks and paperwork
• Provide you with a choice of services to meet your needs.


At Brighton Homes, although the foundation of our business is built on these principals, we are so much more

Cue dramatic music

Landlord – 1 / Houses – 0
By knowing what you require from your property investment we can assist you in securing the right property for you.

It’s not pick a number and then add 5
Our knowledge in the market ensures that we value your property at the right price.

Maybe you’re the one
We market your property professionally, from specialist photographers, exposure in newspapers and magazines and the essential listings on property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla and the 30 other websites we use. Your property is given the red carpet treatment.

Your Legal Eagle
With over 70 pieces of legislation to comply with, we ensure that you don’t become a sitting duck.

Who’s sitting in my chair?
We don’t rent your property to the first person with cash in their hands. We carry out checks to make sure they’re suitable for your property, if not, we keep looking.

Wasn’t that wall white?
Our inventories come complete with colour photos, as they say – a camera never lies.

A Government approved piggybank
All tenant deposits have to be registered with an approved government scheme, we do this for you.

Money, Money, Money
The reason you’ve invested is to generate an income and we make sure it’s collected from your tenants and paid into your bank.

Bob the Builder
We know a ‘man who can’, well several actually. Repairs are done swiftly and professionally. This equals Happy Tenant, which in turn equals Happy Landlord.

Letting Agents – What do we actually do?

Simply put, we ensure that your investment generates an income, operates safely and legally and you are not at your properties beck and call.

Guess what? We actually do, do something!

Although we would love your business, our advice is free.

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