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Unseasonably dry conditions could lead to subsidence problems

Unseasonably dry conditions could lead to subsidence problems.

As we now have a third of homes in the country facing a hosepipe ban and the dry weather could mean that walls could crack as houses start to shift Subsidence occurs when the soil underneath a property lacks moisture and shrinks making it unable to support the building as it previously did.

With the help of the freedom of information act we at Brighton Homes were able to find out that Last year home insurance claims due to subsidence totaled 32,000 and cost the industry £158 million. Since this year’s weather has already been much drier and the forecasts are that it is not due to change the damage is set to be even greater.

British Insurance Brokers’ Association, told us: “With the drought conditions at the moment we expect to see more claims. It can be traumatic for people. “Repairs can take some time and you might have to move out of your property. If that is the case call us on 01273 672 333 or visit our website we can help you relocate until the repair on your house is completed with minimal fuss. We at Brighton Homes appreciate that it will be a stressful time and we have created a system which helps affected people. “We are aware that the last thing the owners want is more stress” said a company spokesman.