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Sealife Centre Brighton

 After being closed for a 6 month refurbishment, Sea Life Brighton announced that they are ready to re-open their doors on 13th May. 2012 is also the aquarium’s 140th anniversary which made the re-opening even special. All of Brighton Homes staff had VIP access to the centre which hand an invite only VIP pr-launch access. The addition of Jellyfish Discovery & a Behind the Scenes tour made this evening even special. If you haven’t been, it’s certainly worth a visit.
Sea life Brighton is located at Marine Parade next to Brighton pier and some of the iconic landmarks and is the largest Sea Life Centre in the UK, not to mention the oldest working aquarium in the world. . This impressive place grants access to a panoply of maritime wonders, with 57 exhibits including a tropical reef and subsurface tunnel that provides a great vantage point to spot the likes of turtles, sharks and stingrays.
Tropical Reef features no fewer than 150 species, including black-tipped reef sharks and giant sea turtles (one tipping the scales at 27 stone!), in addition to its very own shipwreck. A walkthrough underwater tunnel offers amazing views and other highlights include windows and a walkway over the tank. Equally mind-boggling are groups of pre-historic Horseshoe Crabs, Decorator Crabs and Giant Japanese Spider Crabs, as well as Lion fish and other exotic creatures. Further, The Kingdom of The Seahorse provides rockpool displays that are rich in micro-life, and numerous piranhas make for a hair-raising spectacle – just the ticket for those angling for excitement!
Among the other highlights of the variegated family attraction are a sandy seabed, an old harbour, a Titanic disaster zone, a children's play area and Education facility with painting and clay modelling, and Captain Nemo's Nautilus. Daily feeds and educational talks will add to the already action packed day.
Unlike most other marine creatures, and despite their stunning beauty and great variety, jellyfish are rarely given the attention they deserve. The new jelly fish display area you can marvel at their infinite colours, graceful motion and ghost-like forms. This display reveals their mysterious lives and world in a totally new light. 
We were able to experience firsthand how the centre cares for over 1,500 sea creatures with an exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes tour!’ This interactive experience will immerse you into the working world where you will have the chance to see how life support, filtration and water quality systems work, how food is prepared for the animals, plus breeding and research areas.
One of the Director’s at Brighton Homes said “in this tough economic time it’s good to see that businesses are prepared to invest large amounts of money. We made sure all the staff members attended this event as we want to show our support to local business. I’m hopeful that all of the staff members will re-visit the centre with their families as paying customers and support this venture. I wish the management and the owners of sea life centre a prosperous and profitable future”.