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Rental prices in Brighton & Hove unlikely to drop any time soon

Prospective tenants are unlikely to see the cost of rental properties in Brighton & Hove decline in the near future, an expert from Brighton Homes has warned.

Nigel Pragnell, director at Brighton Homes, has stated that the prices being charged by landlords will not drop in the near future, even though an increasing number of people are attempting to find houses to lease. Indeed, Mr Pragnell indicated that this trend could even cause costs to climb rather than fall as demand continues to outstrip supply.

"We are seeing in a lot of areas in Brighton & Hove that there are more applicants than properties available," he noted.

He went on to say that the central city centre market is seeing an increase in closed bid processes, where landlords are using the high level of demand in this area to drive their monthly charges as high as possible.

Furthermore, Mr Pragnell offered several pieces of advice to individuals looking to rent a home in the coming months, including calling on such people to use a professional agent like Brighton Homes when going through this process, Register with us over the phone or via our website be prepared to view properties at short notice and have the funds available to move.

"I do think that we are more knowledgeable, because there are so many pieces of legislation it is really tricky to keep up to date. We attract a lot of properties and we are able to find you the right property. For instance, the specialist said it is crucial for tenants to make sure the property they are considering is compliant with all laws while also being safe so they are able to remain there for a number of years.

Mr Pragnell further explained that the average length of a tenancy agreement is growing by the year, as people are becoming increasingly eager to remain in one place for as long as possible rather than consistently moving on. Average tenancy term is 19 month, this will certainly benefit landlords who will have continuity.

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