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We introduced a ‘refer a friend’ initiative a couple of months ago, and this week had our first referral, which has prompted me to spread the word on this great offer.

The lifeblood for any Letting agency is opportunities to let properties. The lifeblood for most businesses is referrals and recommendations. On that basis, it seemed logical to offer a decent carrot to encourage satisfied clients to recommend us to potential sellers and landlords.

The £100 cash, are our carrot and we hope that will tempt a few more satisfied clients to go out of their way to recommend us. That also got me thinking about what my dream business referral would be. After all, if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

At the moment, that would be a scenario where we could secure more multiple instructions for our Property Management department. The two most likely scenarios are a lettings agency that’s not really set up to do the property management side of it, but wants to offer the facility to their landlords. Or a landlord who owns multiple properties and wants them managed all under one roof.

Clearly such a referral has greater income potential for us and as a result, I could dangle an even more attractive carrot. With that in mind, if you can think of a genuine person / business you could refer me to, please contact me in complete confidence at

Steven Kirupai