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'Psychic' llama backs Brighton and Hove Albion To Win

As faithful fans of this grate club in this great city, we have an interest in the article below.

Psychic Sussex llama Nicholas has forecast Gus Poyet’s men will take a lead into the second leg of their play-off semi- final against Crystal Palace.Eight-year-old Nicholas, who lives at Ashdown Llama Park in Forest Row, near East Grinstead, yesterday predicted the Seagulls would win the first leg of the semi-final at Selhurst Park on Friday night.

The South American llama was faced with two straw bales, one with an Albion scarf on it and one with a Palace shirt, and he headed for the Seagulls scarf after a minute’s deliberation. In true celebrity style, he then donned the Albion scarf and posed for pictures.

The result-predicting phenomenon sprang to stardom when staff at the llama park could not decide who would win last year’s FA Cup final. Nicholas backed Chelsea by knocking a blue ball off its perch and the North London club went on to win the final 2-1.A couple of weeks after his first successful prediction, Nicholas’ skills were put to the test again when he was asked to pick the result of the Champions League final. He backed Chelsea again, who were rank outsiders for the title against Bayern Munich. Once again the Blues lifted the trophy after winning on penalties in Germany.

Nicholas has become a cult hero at the park but staff insists his celebrity status has not gone to his head. Holly Burtenshaw, 23, the livestock manager at the park, said: “He’s a really friendly llama. “He is definitely a bit different, he loves lots cuddles and attention as well as absolutely loving carrots.“He’s a bit of a celebrity down here at the park.”

Our advice,get down to the bookmakers and lump on the Albion the result of todays (10th May 2013) match is already secure