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Positive News For Lettings Market in Brighton - in Difficult Times.

Positive News For Lettings Market in Brighton - in Difficult Times.  


Here at Brighton Homes, we’re sure that you don’t need us to tell you that earlier this year, the Coronavirus epidemic sent everyone in the UK and throughout most of the world into a tailspin.

And, that despite the R-rate being relatively low in Brighton, it continues to affect people’s daily lives.    

Seeing our streets deserted during lockdown, and nearly all shops with their shutters down was a bit of a shock. Our energetic economy went from lively to lifeless almost overnight. 

It was as if everything suddenly froze.  The knock-on effect for businesses in our City was of course profound.  The property rental sector didn’t escape unharmed either.  Like all Brighton-based operations, Brighton Homes closed our office – although we kept working.  As lettings specialists, there’s always a great deal to do. 

So, that was the bad news.


However, despite the pandemic, the rental sector has bounced back. 

 So, we thought we’d share with you our analysis of the market and how Brighton Homes has adapted to the current conditions.  Also, to reassure you that within strict guidelines, we’re still all about “business as usual”.

 We took the time to contact our landlords and tenants as we went into lockdown and of course, we’re keeping in touch with everyone regularly.  We’re human beings first, and property specialists second.  It’s important to make that connection in case anyone has any concerns or questions.


A Buoyant Market

 Regardless of the uncertainty that surrounds us, the property rental market in and around the City remains robust.  

 Brighton House Price Index looks at trends and behaviour in lettings, and if you’re a landlord (or a would-be landlord), the recent analysis is positive.  Rents and demand from tenants are up.  Brighton is still seen – and quite rightly, as we love it here – as THE place to live. 


Some Statistics

 Various recent statistics tells us that annual rents are up by just under 1 per cent since July last year, and that the average time it takes to rent a local property is about 15 days.  (Our rates are generally faster than this, however.)

 Interestingly, the number of properties available to let in Brighton has increased by 12 per cent, with tenant demand up to 19 per cent.  So, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that there are more future renters looking for their next home than there are properties to accommodate them.

 Your property could be in demand.


We’re Renting

 Brighton Homes has a wide variety of properties on our books, and as pre-pandemic, they’re proving a popular proposition.

 In the last 3 months we’ve seen an increase in rental uptake on the first or second viewing, which reflects our nearly “back to normal but not quite status”.  Life goes on, and people are still searching for new homes.

 Naturally, we’re following all our robust checking and referencing processes, still carrying out rent reviews, liaising regularly with our tenants and looking after our landlords’ properties to the highest standards. 


Covid Security

 It’s essential that we safeguard not only the health and wellbeing of our hard-working staff, but also our landlords and tenants.  So, we’ve put in place a number of measures to keep everyone as safe as possible until life returns to relative normality.  We have a duty of care, and it informs our business.


Virtual Viewings

 For the time being we’re strongly encouraging applicants to view properties virtually in the first instance, and then only visit their would-be new flat or house if they have a strong interest in taking it on. 

 Whilst this may seem strange, it works really well.  The technology we use enables tenants to inspect properties at their leisure.  The lighting and the level of detail is good, too.


Social Distancing

Any viewings that do take place are under strict 2-metre guidelines, with masks and hand hygiene a priority.


Maintenance and Repairs

 We will still arrange for essential works or maintenance to be carried out, including everything necessary for compliance, such as EPCs, gas safety inspections and electrical inspections. 

 Plumbers, electricians and other tradespeople will be expected to observe distancing rules, and to ensure that they sanitise their hands immediately before entering the property.  The same rules apply to our tenants, too (just before the appointment for hand washing). 

 Here at Brighton Homes, we appreciate our hard-working trades specialists – so a big “thank you” goes out to them.  

 YES, our own tradesmen are working 24 hours a day and are on call to assist with any issues a tenant may face.


Remote Interaction

 In order to avoid physical contact with applicants and tenants, Brighton Homes now completes all the necessary paperwork online, even including signing the tenancy agreement – we have some “signature” software to help us do this.

 Everything is of course 100% legally binding.  And, to be fair, it speeds things up quite a lot.  The result?  We’re even more productive than usual.

 It goes without saying that we’ve become avid Zoom users, so we can keep in touch with our landlords on a regular basis.


Our Advice to You

 If you have a property that’s been on the market for more than a week, talk to us here at Brighton Homes.  Not only can we find reliable, professional tenants for you, we can rent it promptly, I would say give us a few days to get a tenant secure.  

 We’re avoiding the void – the void periods that is,

 Clearly, although we ARE living in a period of uncertainty, people still need homes.  Importantly, the market IS buoyant due to Brighton’s almost unique economic “bubble”.  Good tenants are worth their weight in gold.  And, we can help you find them.


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October 2020