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Pets cost landlords money

Destructive pets cause more than £700 damage to their owners’ property during their lifetime according a study of 2,000 pet owners by Ceva Animal Health.

The survey also found that 47 per cent have had to clean up the mess left by pets at some points, with the cost of replacing broken or ruined furniture averaging £258. Fixing and repairing items accounts for another £177 while cleaning, including hiring professionals, costs more than £167.

The AIIC has put together some guidelines to help spot pet damage these include regular visits to the property to check for pet hair/ feathers and stains and scratches.

Nigel Pragnell Director at Brighton Homes said, “Many tenants will work hard to hide any signs of pets in advance of a visit from a landlord or agent. You must be vigilant about checking for pet damage.” We use independent property inspectors to carry out all our property inspections, these professionals are trained to spot these and any other issues that the tenant might be hiding. He further added that its better to send in the professionals rather than someone from the office who might miss these signs. To find out more information on inspection, property management and our letting service please call 01273 672 333 or visit our website
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