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Olympic Torch relay route through Brighton and Hove

 The street-by-street route that the Olympic Torch relay will take through Brighton and Hove has been announced. The Olympic Torch will be carried through Brighton and Hove on days 59 and 60 (Monday 16 at 18.09pmand Tuesday 17 July 2012) The flame will arrive in the official convoy vehicles and be transferred to the first of the city's Torchbearers at King George VI Avenue.The Torch, having come from Portsmouth, will be carried by nominated torchbearers through the streets of Brighton and Hove, including through Hove Park, along Old Shoreham Road and along the Kingsway on Monday 16 July. An evening celebration will be held on Brighton seafront on the night of Monday 16 July. The following day the Olympic Torch will be carried through Pavilion Gardens, by the Old Steine and onto London Road before continuing its journey on to Hastings.

The Olympic Torch Relay arrives on Monday 16 July and leaves the next day, Tuesday 17 July. The Olympic Torch Relay will enter the city at Hove at 6.09pm on Monday 16 July.
Hove Park will be a top viewing point to see the Olympic Torch Relay soon after 6.15pm. There will be a range of activities happening in the park during the afternoon in anticipation of the arrival of the Torchbearers.
Torchbearers will run through Hove Park carrying the Olympic flame down to the seafront to the site of the main Olympic Torch Relay evening celebration at the Sussex County Cricket Club.
There will be plenty of good vantage points to view the Torch-bearers making their way through the city. People are welcome to line the route to join in this historic occasion.

Arrives in Hove at 5:55pm Monday 16 July 2012

·         Change from Convoy to Torchbearer at A2038 King George VI Avenue

·         A2023 Nevill Road

·         The Droveway

·         Hove Park

·         A2070 Old Shoreham Road

·         A2070 Old Shoreham Road

·         B2185 The Drive

·         B2185 Grand Avenue

·         A259 Kingsway

·         Adelaide Crescent

·         Palmeira Square

·         Palmeira Avenue

·         Lansdowne Road

·         Eaton Road

·         Palmeira Avenue into Sussex Country Cricket Club Evening Celebration site

Emerges from Brighton Pavilion at 7:06am Tuesday 17 July 2012

·         Brighton Pavilion

·         Pavilion Gardens

·         On path through India Gate

·         B2066 North Street

·         A23 Old Steine

·         Church Street

·         A23 Malborough Place

·         A23 Preston Road

·         A23 London Road

·         Change from Torchbearer to Convoy at The Deneway

·         A23 Malborough Place

·         A23 Preston Road

·         A23 London Road

·         Change from Torchbearer to Convoy at The Deneway 

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