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Letting agent in Brighton

 Letting Agent vs Private Landlord


You have your property and now you are eager to let it out, but how? Do you decide to go it alone and become a private landlord, or do you turn to an agent to manage your property for you? For many this is one of the hardest decisions but it comes down to CTCCT – Control, Time, Charges, Contacts and Trust.

Being a private landlord means you are in complete control of your property. You can choose your tenant, you can undertake all the checks, and as they say – the ‘buck stops at you!’. You are also responsible for the legal aspects and it’s your job to keep on top of the legislation.

Using a letting agent means you give up some or virtually all of the control to the letting agents, depending on what service package you choose.

Question: Do you have the time to be a private landlord? If the answer is no, then the decision has been made. If you work full-time or live a distance away from your property you may find it extremely difficult to manage your let. Letting agents have a team of staff who are available to deal with all matters regarding your property. At Brighton Homes we are even open into the evenings and weekends.

As a private landlord you do not have to pay any charges. If you use a letting agent then a percentage of your rental income will be used as fees. Make sure you do your sums and make the decision that is right for you. Although a letting agent does come at a cost, they do provide a comprehensive service.

Do you have a pool of tried and trusted tradesman who can answer your call? This is a huge advantage of a lettings agent over a private landlord, as it takes time to build relationships. Marketing your property can be costly as a private landlord and some methods used by agents may not be open to you. Letting Agents will ensure that your property is not only advertised in local press and other sources, but that it is featured on all the major property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla and the other 30 plus property portals

Can you trust a letting agent to look after your property as you would? Trust is a huge part of the decision; if you can’t trust the agent you choose then you are not going to be happy.

Before you make a decision, come and talk to us about CTCCT, although we would love your business, our advice is free.   or call us on 01273 672 333