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Landlords – Is your property what tenants want?

Landlords – Is your property what tenants want?

When you are getting a property to rent, are you just focusing on getting it let or taking the time to understand the needs of Brighton’s tenants? Across the UK tenants are looking for a home to rent not just a property, research suggests that’s the biggest complaints from tenants are that properties that have damp and mould as well as poor quality fixtures and fittings. If you want to attract the right tenant and achieve a higher rental, you need to ensure that your property is what tenants are looking for.

Hitting the right spot!

We’re going to start with everyone’s favourite property topic, location, location, location. People want to have things nearby, a local shop for those emergency buys, some will want to be in the thick of it and close to entertainment, others will be looking for calm and easy access to parks and walking trails, but regardless the preference, all will want easy access to transport.

Pride of place

Tenants are not after anything too complicated, they simply would like a property that is clean and tidy which looks like it has been loved. People want to have pride in their home, a place that looks and feels fresh with a new coat of paint, clean flooring and if furnished, attractive furniture. No one wants a home with dated furniture; they want a property that matches their tastes and style. Yes, they can add personality with accessories but surely you want them to fall in love with your property at first sight.

Even though the number of people renting in Brighton and Hove is high, that doesn’t mean tenants are lowering their standards to secure a rental, in fact, they are prepared to pay more for the right property. Those at the top rental bracket, if the property is in a new apartment development they want additional amenities such as a concierge, gym, pool, and security.

Feeling warm and safe

No one wants to live in a damp and cold home, and nor should you want to let one. A neighbourhood that is safe will be a must for many. Make sure that the property has good locks and maybe even an alarm system, the more effort you make to make your tenants feel safe, the more it will appeal to them.

The make or break

It is often said that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses; the same is true for a rental property. They are looking for modern, clean and stylish kitchen and bathroom that provide a luxurious feel rather than a shocking experience. You want potential tenants to imagine themselves relaxing in the bathroom after a long day at work or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. If you serve them avocado bathroom suites, dirty grout, broken cupboards and dodgy plumbing, they will think they are visiting a house or horrors and not a potential home.

A space for everything

If your tenants own a car they will be looking for a property that has a space to park their car. Whether it is on-street parking or a designated parking space, show them that your property really does have a space for everything.

Not in the dark ages

We live in a high technology era therefore not providing high-speed broadband and even sky, will put your property on their no list. Bear in mind that many employers provide mobile working opportunities which means they can work from home from time to time, if you property can’t meet the needs of a home worker then it truly is living in the dark ages.

Nothing but the truth

One of the most important things tenants are looking for is honest and transparent communication with their landlord and managing agent. They want someone who proactively responds, reacts and delivers. At Brighton Homes we deliver such a service adding value to your property portfolio and creating happy and successful tenancies.

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