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How To Rent Booklet- UPDATED 29TH JULY 2019

A new version of the How to Rent booklet is now available online: -  

Although the last official update to the booklet was on 31 May 2019, and the current version remains dated ‘May 2019’, there have been changes to the content of the booklet. We understand that these changes were made on 29 July 2019, but they were made without announcement, and without the website clearly confirming that changes had been made.

 If you think you have served the old booklet on a tenant on or after 29 July 2019, we advise that you simply serve a copy of the latest version as soon as possible. This will prevent any issues in the future. If you need to remind yourself about the rules surrounding the How to Rent Booklet, here is the link to our blog:-

You must ensure that all tenants are provided with the current Booklet at the beginning of their tenancy. At the very least, the Booklet must be given to the tenants before a valid Section 21 Notice can be served.

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