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Don`t bite your tongue: Five things every prospective tenant should ask.

With the average tenant now staying in a property for just under 17 months, we at Brighton Homes Letting agents are keen to ensure that tenants don`t assume they know all the answers and that the right questions are asked up front.

Brighton Homes Director Steven Kirupai said:”Asking the right questions when viewing a rental property can guard against any unwanted surprise later on. Never be afraid to ask what may seem like a simple question as the answer may have a significant bearing on your final decision about a property”.

“Our records / figures suggest many people are staying in a property for longer than a traditional one year tenancy. For this reason, it definitely pays to think reasonably long term when considering your choice of rental home”. All our property consultants at Brighton Homes give all prospective tenants an information sheet which contains all the information that they need, to be able to make the correct decision, Steven Kirupai further added, that any good letting agents should follow these steps, yes we all work for and on behalf of the landlord, but definitely have a duty of care to the tenants.

Our advise to all tenants - ask the following when viewing properties:

Who is responsible for the property? You may be shown around by a letting agent, but they may not be responsible for the management of the property once it is let. If the landlord is going to take on maintenance duties, it may be worth meeting them before signing the tenancy agreement.

2. Choose an expert agent. The letting industry is not currently subject to any legislation, meaning anyone can set up as a letting agent or landlord. You should always ask if your agent is affiliated to a professional organisation agents must adhere to a strict code of conduct, as well as offering client-money protection and redress schemes to protect consumers if things go wrong.

3. Winter is here: Always ask to see property`s EPC when you view it. This will give you an idea of potential energy bills. As a tenant you will be liable for these and, with the recent price increases, a more efficient home will be easier on the wallet. With the winter nights drawing in, it can also be a good idea to view the same property at different times of the day to get a sense of how light each room is and how secure it feels overall.

4. Are you jointly liable? Many shared tenancies contain a joint liability clause, meaning you are responsible for the actions of your co-tenants. This includes covering their share of the rent if they move out unexpectedly. Before you enter such an agreement, carefully consider how well you know your prospective housemates.

5. Batteries not included: Always ask explicitly what items come with the property. Current tenants may have added their own furniture and you don`t wants to find key pieces aren`t there when you move in! It is always also worth turning on the shower.

If you are looking for a property to rent in Brighton, then come and see one of our friendly consultants and in the same instance if you are a landlord with a property to let in Brighton, we urge you to speak to us and experience the excellent quality service that we provide. In fact we challenge all landlords to do this, try us out and should you not be happywith our service, we will refund you our fees. How many agents do you know who are happy to put their money where their mouth is?

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