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Creating a contemporary style in your investment home relies on simplicity, subtle sophistication, and a focus on texture and sleek furnishings that emphasise space. With its clean lines and a minimalist look, a contemporary home is modern and fresh, functional but still welcoming. Neutral colours and black and white are used in abundance as the backdrop. Shapes and textures are highlighted, and architectural elements aim to connect the indoor and outdoor. Large windows, open plan space, and as much natural light as possible are key components of contemporary home design.

There are no hard and fast rules for furniture in this style. Whether you love high gloss accented with glass or stainless steel or a more natural theme of leather and natural wood, the key to creating a successful design is simplicity with streamlines designs and functionality.

Today’s contemporary home isn’t necessarily minimalist either, but reducing clutter plays a role in the harmony of this decorating style, but it isn’t taken to any extreme. By all means, introduce splashes of colour into your rooms, but remember the mantra “less is more”!

A single large piece of colourful wall art will create a stunning focal point to your room, whereas if you prefer smaller accents of colour achieve these with the use of cushions, rugs, bright throws or accessories. Optimising space in your contemporary home is also important. Even if you live in a small house, the illusion of space can be achieved with clever use of colours, fabrics and furniture placement. At the very least try to let as much light into your rooms as possible, creating the illusion of more space and allowing the outdoors to blend in with the interior. Ways to do this include using reflective furniture, adding mirrors which will reflect the outdoors into your room and replacing heavy curtains with sheer window coverings. If you are starting from scratch purchase low level furniture, fit folding doors to your outside space and if at all possible keep the level between your interior and exterior space the same.

Professional tenants, company tenants, relocating professionals all love this look and are willing to pay a premium, hence at Brighton Homes, we have invested heavily to promote this and maximise our landlord’s rental income. We offer this service as standard to all our landlords.

Creating this style doesn’t have to be difficult. Keep in mind simplicity, functionally, a neutral colour palette and finally the creation, or illusion, of space and before you know it, you will have the home of your dreams!

As the trend setter in the Brighton area, we have a dedicated staff member who normally assists landlords with luxury properties to rent in Brighton and also any landlord who requires the service in the Brighton or hove area please contact us for more information on 01273 672 333