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Brighton Children's parade

 As the North Lanes letting agent we were in the middle of the action on Saturday 5th May. Thousands of people lined the streets of Brighton for the children's parade. The parade is an annual event which kick starts Brighton Festival. This open air fiesta of colour, costume and live music was a wonderful event and if you have missed it click on the link to view the photographs.
Nigel Pragnell one of the directors at Brighton homes said “we've been telling tales and spinning yarns since time began and I’m really please that the organisers have decided to use the stories as the theme for this year.”
Why do we create stories? To communicate? To Educate? To try and make sense of the world around us? Or to simply entertain? Whatever the reason, the children’s parade had stories from cave art to comic books, from fireside fables to interactive adventures in cyberspace; this year's Children's Parade celebrates the 'story of stories'. It was lovely to see so many parents, teachers, artists, musicians, choreographers, and over 5,000 young people within 75 schools & groups from across this wonderful city gathered to explore this universal impulse in a spectacular parade through the famous streets of Brighton.