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Once you have had your inventory and schedule of condition created you need to make sure your tenant agrees with the statements in the document and the meter readings. The best way to do this is with an accompanied tenant check in.

Our dedicated inventory clerks will meet the tenant at the property with their keys and inventory. We then take them through the entire document, agree the meter readings and give them some advice on how to care for the property and what their responsibilities are as a tenant.

They are shown where electric, gas and water isolators are kept and how to use them. The tenants then sign the inventory and are left with a matching copy. Your signed copy is returned to you or kept in our files.

This is a crucial part of the process. The tenant has been given the perfect opportunity to disagree with the inventory and has been advised on usage of the property by the check in clerk. At the end of tenancy any claim that damages were there at the start would be unrealistic and easily discredited.

Having a signed check in removes any chances of the tenant not agreeing with the inventory document at a later date should there be a dispute.

Please note: An unsigned inventory may be ignored by the dispute resolution service. Having these processes in place not only protects your investment, it actually makes the tenants take more care of your property as they live in it.