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Landlord Guidelines

Brighton Homes is a property lettings agency in Brighton, serving your needs as a landlord. Renting is a realistic option for many and the lettings sector in and around Brighton is robust. However, being a landlord is quite frankly more complicated than it used to be! There’s just no getting away from the fact that if you rent out your property, you have a responsibility to others; in this case, your tenants.

So, please think of this as a must-do check list. You may wish to print it out. In any case, you will need to ensure that you comply with everything in order to remain compliant.

Renting out your property is a commitment. There’s a lot to do.

Contact us if you’re not sure about anything.


  • A Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate, gained by an inspection prior to the tenant’s occupancy. This meets the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations Act, 1994, amended 1996.
  • The electrical installation and appliances must be checked prior to occupancy. This is in accordance with the Electrical Equipments (Safety) Regulations Act, 1994 and the General Product Safety Regulations, 1994.
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors must be installed and be proven to work before the tenancy starts.
  • If the property is unfurnished, you must still supply:
    • Carpets
    • Curtains
    • Light fittings
    • Any white goods that are left
  • If the property is furnished, all upholstered furniture must meet the strict regulations set out in The Furniture and Fittings (fire safety) Regulations 1989, amended 1993).
  • You must arrange annual gas boiler inspections.
  • It is your obligation to give your tenant the How to Rent checklist, although you can also email it to them.
  • Lastly, you must protect your tenant’s deposit through the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. We can take care of this, so contact us to find out more.


  • It is your responsibility to ensure that there is a working telephone landline at the property.
  • An independent inventory clerk will carry out an inventory on the day the tenant moves in. We will organise this on your behalf.
  • Is there a chimney? These feature in many older properties. It will be good practice to ensure that it has been swept before your tenant moves in.
  • 3 (?) sets of keys should be cut and supplied: two sets are for the tenant and one for Brighton Homes. You should ensure that these are supplied to us before the tenant moves in.
  • If you’ve not re-directed your mail, you should do this as soon as possible.


  • Inspect your property at an agreed interval period to make sure that your tenants are looking after it and/or to ensure that all is well.
  • Deliver final accounts and readings on utilities but will require instructions from you to do this.

Renting out your property is about keeping your tenants safe. Don’t leave anything to chance. Safety is everything. Contact Brighton Homes today for more information, or to rent your property with us.

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