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Brighton Homes focuses on residential lettings in Brighton & Hove and its surrounding areas. Our team here thrives on matching property seekers to property owners. We love what we do.

Brighton. This is a lively city, full of fun and colour, with a vibrant arts scene and business culture. Its unique, old-world charm and Regency splendour is evidenced by stunning properties, often over two centuries’ old; elegant grandeur that combines the traditional with a chic, contemporary Brighton style.

Why rent?

So, here’s the thing.

For most young people and increasingly, working people in their thirties and forties, without a reasonable sum of money behind them, a deposit on a property is just too high.

With so many priced out of the market, renting is a realistic option. However, it’s also a positive one. Renting rather than buying is no longer a stigma – that’s if it ever was, which we’re not sure about.

If you have a property to let, Brighton Homes is at your disposal. We’re the rental property experts in the local area.

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Are you a landlord?

Then you’ll know that the rental market in Brighton is thriving. But do you struggle to find really good tenants? If they occupy your property, we’re sure you’d prefer them to stay there and look after it well, rather than leave within just a few months.

Here at Brighton Homes, we’re happy to source tenants for you. Not just reliable tenants – excellent ones. Tenants who’ll stay. Maybe even for several years to come.

Brighton Homes will do everything: from the initial contact from the applicant through to the end-of-tenancy work and back again to start the process from scratch to rent out your property.

No tenant will occupy your property until and unless they have met their full initial financial obligations to you, nor without our complete confidence that they’ll continue to do so.

Are you a tenant?

If you’re planning to move here from elsewhere, you’ll find us easy to deal with. Or, perhaps you already know Brighton well.

Contact us. We have on our books a choice of studio, one to five bedroomed flats, houses or maisonettes. You’re sure to find something within your budget. We’ll talk you through everything you need to know and will liaise with the landlord on your behalf.